Nourishing skin with good fats both from the outside and from the inside is so important for maintaining youthful skin. There are 3 layers of skin: epidermis, dermis, hypodermis/subcutaneous (outer, middle, inner respectively). One of those layers, the subcutaneous, is basically a layer of fat that provides cushion and volume. And one of the other layers, the epidermis, contains a fatty barrier which serves to maintain hydration, firmness and softness of the skin.

By now, you might be noticing that there’s a bit of a recurring theme here: fats are an important part of skin! Particularly, an important part of healthy, plump youthful skin. Do you ever see a person who has lost an extreme amount of weight yet they look older? Well that's because having a balanced, healthy amount of fat keeps us looking youthful; losing a large amount of fat rapidly can cause skin to sag or look wrinkly. 

Some tips to nourish the fat content in skin:

  • Eat plenty of good fats! I know for a lot of people, there’s still a slight stigma around eating fats but implementing healthy fats such as nuts, avocados, coconut —are amazing for healthy, glowing skin and overall health.
  • Use a good topical facial oil. This is also something many people are hesitant about especially if they have oily skin. Oily skin however can actually be due to dry skin  that’s producing extra oil to compensate for the dryness
  • Good digestion. Yes, I mention this a lot —but it’s because good digestion truly has an impact on virtually every aspect of health and beauty! When digestion is poor, we can’t absorb all the nutrients from our food. For example: fats are absorbed in the intestine, so poor digestive health can lead to dry skin/hair. Not to mention, potentially other health issues can arise since all cells are coated by a fatty cell membranes.

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