Nutritional supplementation can be a touchy issue-- some people are all about it, others don't see the need and some will argue we can get everything we need from eating & living well... That may have been the case in the past but the sad reality is that's no longer true. 

We are exposed to more chemicals than ever before which deplete nutrients and have left the soil where we grow food devoid of minerals and nutrients that were so abundant before. 

Then there's modern lifestyle that needs to be factored in; we're constantly on the go, stressed and as a results not absorbing nutrients as efficiently, eating processed foods that are fast and convenient, excessive caffeine consumption to keep us going.. all of which further deplete nutrients! 

As if that's not enough, as a society, we take medications for EVERYTHING and many of these deplete nutrients. One common example: PPI's (proton pump inhibitors; a class of medication commonly given for acid reflux) and metformin (medication given for diabetes, PCOS) both deplete B vitamins. 

All that to say: we could probably all use some supplementation. If you need a place to start, check out my post on magnesium and browse my curated online dispensary. Need further support? Schedule a complimentary consult and learn more about customized supplement packets tailored to your needs.