If you know me or follow me, you know I am a skincare junkie! (Post coming up soon with some of my favorites). But the most important part of my skin routine and obsession is not what I am putting on myself, but rather what I am putting in myself. 

The topical aspect is, without a doubt, important but what I feel is equally or more important is to maintain the integrity of the key elements that provide structure and youth to our skin: collagen and hyaluronic acid. Both of these can be found in serums to apply topically but they can also be taken internally.

Collagen and hyaluronic acid are found in the layers of the skin and give it that elasticity and hydrated plumpness that make us look young and glowy. This is one of the main reasons I take collagen peptides DAILY. And hyaluronic acid as well. Our diets contain *minimal* amounts of collagen and the minerals that help form collagen (i.e. silica). Taking hyaluronic acid helps to hold and absorb water as an internal hydrator. Bonus-- both of these have benefits in other parts of the body such as connective tissues and joints. Lastly, I take antioxidants which help to combat oxidative stress (oxidative stress causes inflammation which speeds up the breakdown of collagen; you don't want this).

My favorite brand for these "skincare products" is Neocell because they have a variety that contains each of those ingredient components; either in an individual product or all in one. For antioxidants, I really love Super Maqui because maqui berry is the most powerful antioxidant (even more than acai and blueberries!).

There are other herbs and vitamins & minerals we can get into for skin; more and more herbs are getting labeled as "skin" or "acne" herbs but this can get tricky. Because of their potent and variant actions, it's best to use them when specifically prescribed to you by a knowledgeable practitioner. 

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**No payment or reimbursement from these brands. Genuinely like and use them :)