The old adage "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure" is especially true during cold and flu season. 

In the U.S., the flu is most common in the fall/winter months, peaks between December and February but can last until May. So basically, it's not over yet. The best way to keep healthy is to equip your immune system with the nutrients it needs to do its job and keep you from getting sick in the first place. Here are some herbs, nutrients, tips to keep in mind during cold and flu season.


  • Elderberry: contains vitamin C, antiviral. Elderberry syrups can be bought at your local health food store, best to take as directed every 2-4 hours at the first sign of a cold
  • Astragalus: anti-inflammatory, immune boosting, antiviral 


  • Vitamin A: helps maintain healthy respiratory lining; studies have shown vitamin A supplementation to reduce incidence of respiratory infections
  • Vitamin C: Antiviral. 1 gram per day to prevent, 6 grams per day at the first sign of a cold
  • Vitamin D: studies have shown vitamin D supplementation to reduce incidence of cold and flu symptoms


  • Zinc: reduces the incidence of colds, also reduces the length of time a person may have a cold 


  • Bone broth cooked with garlic, onion and mushrooms
  • Honey, especially Manuka
  • Probiotics/probiotic containing foods i.e. pickled or fermented cabbage, etc
  • Antioxidants/antioxidant containing foods i.e. green tea, berries
  • Avoid: dairy, sugar, alcohol


  • Wash your hands often!
  • Stay hydrated
  • Listen to your body, rest as needed-- stress weakens the immune system

These are general tips I use but please remember, everyone is different and some may require different or more specific dosages; for more specific recommendations consults may be booked in person or via secure video conferencing, contact us here for appointment information.

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