Valentine's day is over now. Homes are graced with the beauty of flowers, most often with the rose --the renowned symbol of love. Since it's kind of relevant at the moment.. why not learn some more about these beauties??

I'm sure by now you're aware of Its intoxicating fragrance. And its oil that can be extracted providing a luxurious feel to anything it touches. Commonly found in the finest of beauty oils and creams. These uses date from WAY back in the day --like Cleopatra days! 

As if it needed more amazing properties, did you know it's also wonderfully healing? In fact, as many as 32 different medicinal uses were recorded as early as 1st Century, A.D. 

Nutritionally, rosehips are a great source of vitamin C (3x that of citrus fruits). Energetically, it is extremely nourishing to the heart -providing ease to emotional distress affecting the heart like anxious or sad thoughts. It's even used in cooking in many cultures for added sweetness and flavor in desserts. 

I love love LOVE rose everything --whether it's using rosewater toners and rose oil serums on my face for the amazing hydration properties. Or during the summer adding a splash of rosewater to my iced green tea. 

SELF CARE TIP: If you find yourself feeling creative and resourceful, now that your Vday roses are probably kind of sagging and sad-looking; dry up the petals, crush them and use them as a facial steam for a refreshing at-home DIY aromatherapy/facial type sesh. The wonderful aroma will boost your spirits and the steam will give you a nice glow. Since you already have them, make the most of them :P