“Dr. Nadia has changed my life.”

Dr. Nadia has changed my life. She helped me manage my PCOS and hormonal imbalances and provided me with the information and treatments I needed to fix my irregular period, acne, hair loss, mood and energy levels. It has been only three months and I have noticed massive changes in all aspects of my life! Her protocols did not overwhelm me to the point of giving up like many other times in my life. She is extremely knowledgeable and offers so much support on the lifelong journey to better health, Thank you Dr. Nadia!

— Sara S.

“She worked to understand ME”

Dr. Nadia took the time to understand the root underlying causes of my problems instead of providing me with a Band-Aid solution. She worked to understand ME- from all areas of my life including mental and spiritual health, alongside physical health to provide a truly unique and life-changing experience.

— Natalie C.


A naturopath with high-tech talents we swear by her platelet-rich plasma facials.

— Allure Magazine


“My skin looks brighter”

I recently had my first PRP treatment with Dr. Nadia. My pigmented acne scars have either extremely lightened or cleared up altogether! My skin looks brighter, more even and plump, and I can finally be comfortable with less makeup on. I will definitely be continuing these treatments! 

— Zahra N.